Friday, 28 January 2011

Release date for the English version of 1Q84 set at last!

Finally, the official release date for 1Q84 in English has been set for October 25, 2011. If you follow Knopf's Haruki Murakami Facebook page, you'll no doubt have already seen this, but Paul Bogaards, Knopf's publicity director, revealed the date on Twitter yesterday. As you know, it was originally published in Japanese in three separate volumes. Knopf's English edition will contain all three books in a single volume. Book One and Two, translated by Jay Rubin, and Book Three by Philip Gabriel. As well, when asked whether the English version would be cut down at all in translation, as The Wind-up Bird Chronicle was, Paul Bogaards replied, "It will be the whole magilla." Good news, indeed!

Are you all as excited as I am?

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  1. This is exciting news indeed! I need to place this book on my list with the release date. I am sure though, you will remind me via your posts. :)

  2. Looking forward for this :)
    I hope it gets to my country as soon as possible

  3. Hello again Tanabata! These are some pretty banners you have here!

    I've heard of this book before, and it does sound interesting :)

  4. Oh, I'm so excited to know this! I wonder how soon we can pre-order it?! Thanks for the post, Tanabata.

  5. Already finished reading 1q84 here in the Netherlands - was great. Rumor says Murakami might write part four...


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